Every confession on this site is anonymous. Every one has the right to express themselves and that is what we are giving people the opportunity to do. None of the confessions are intended to personally offend anyone, they are simply opinions. If you'd like to submit a confession then simply go to our submit box. If you have a question or concern then feel free to visit our ask box.

Note: Every picture used on this site is edited personally by us.

Anonymous whispered, "would you guys consider another co owner?"

My sister and I run this site so as much fun as it would be, we would rather not. It would get too complicated if there were three people running the site. But we really appreciate it. However if you’d like to make suggestions and offer feedback we would definitely appreciate that even more.


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Anonymous whispered, "WHY AREN'T YOU POSTING ANY MORE CONFESSIONS ? i miss them :("

Tomorrow! We will have much more tomorrow, love!

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Anonymous whispered, "Even if someone submits their confession through the ask box, it's deleted?"

No, we accept those as well. It makes no difference. The submissions aren’t anonymous though and some people wish to stay that way so we don’t mind.

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Anonymous whispered, "i just submitted a confession here in the ask box, sorry, i meant it for the submit box. please accept it anyhow :)"

People usually do either or. We don’t really mind. :)

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Anonymous whispered, "Have you got a bunch waiting to be made/published or have you lost mine?"

We have got over two hundred waiting to be posted so don’t worry!

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Anonymous whispered, "WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN POSTING!?! I love this blog."

Our apologies, really. School’s started and it was kinda hard to get on but tomorrow we’ll be posting more. We’ve just got to sort through them. I’m glad you love us though!

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We apologize for our absence. 

School has been very demanding this week but no worries! We will be back tomorrow. And with season three starting up soon we can’t wait to listen to what you guys have to say. Good night everyone!

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